About Us



On behalf of the Youth Committee, I would like to let you know how Youth Programming at CBI is evolving to meet new needs, new interests and broader goals.

What is the purpose of Youth Programs?

It is more than just providing “enrichment” programs for our students. It is providing a place, activity and purpose for families and students to interact, be engaged and share experiences. And, it’s FUN!

How are Youth Programs changing at CBI?

The Youth Committee is reaching out in order provide students with experiences in good citizenship and effect positive change on many different levels. One of our primary goals is to find innovative, engaging and relevant programs and to bring them to our students.  We want to help students take valuable learning from the classroom to the community and beyond!

How is this being accomplished?  

 - Initiatives like YOUTH ACTION:  volunteer programs for grades 6 – 12

       -Cooking programs like STONE SOUP, that include a discussion about the impact of conflict, the success of cooperation and the joy of sharing.

       -USY and KADIMA membership, bringing together Jewish kids with many different interests, but one common identity.

       -Working with the Israel Scholarship Committee, providing financial support to students traveling to Israel.


       -Networking with educators and Youth Advisors from a variety of Jewish organizations including Jewish Federation, USCJ, Hazon, Eden Village and others to share programs and resources to bring students together in larger more impactful settings.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of participation, whether you are young or old. Participation includes parents too – planning, supervising and organizing take many hands! Please feel free to contact me and get involved. Your kids will benefit, and so will you!

Thank you, and see you at CBI!

Susan Alderson, Youth Programming Coordinator